Find Purpose Through Meditation

I was introduced to meditation as a college student about 10 years ago. At the time, I didn't completely embrace the practice and only took the course because it was required for my type of degree. How foolish of me...

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a youtube video on guided meditation and decided to give it a try. Since that day, I have become very involved and have done some extensive research on meditation techniques and it's benefits.

Through the years, I have come to understand that meditation is more than just a stress relief technique , it is a way of living and something that can be life altering if done correctly and consistently.

Meditation helps us to "be still" and find harmony within our mind and body. Based on my personal experience, meditation has directly helped me to find joy, live healthy, become more focused, less anxious, more energetic and find a general balance in my life. I am positive that any person who consistently incorporates simple meditation techniques into their daily life, will undoubtedly, be healthier, happier, more purposeful and more capable of creating the life they desire to have for themselves.

There are several types of meditation, many that I practice myself. However, one of my preferred is "guided meditation". With this type of meditation, you are able to listen to the outside source while they walk you through each phase of the meditative experience. This type of meditation is perfect for beginners because it, in a way, forces you to focus on the process.

Above I have included a short video that will teach you simple guided meditation and focused breathing. This video is good for relaxation and mental focus. Enjoy...

"For those with a still mind, the world bows down" Russell Simmons

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