Meditation and Cancer Advice

Meditation and Cancer Advice. Train the Mind to Heal When Challenged by Cancer

From: Dr. Jacqui Dodds, psychotherapist, counselor and researcher:

Are you wondering what you can do to give yourself the very best chance of healing?
How can you compliment the treatments your doctor offers so that you can keep your mind steady, your spirit up and at the same time get in touch with your body's natural healing ability?

* I have worked for many years with people, like yourselves, who are facing a life threatening cancer diagnosis.

* I have studied and practiced healing meditations since 1982. I also teach meditation.
You may be thinking, "I could never sit still for hours at a time... I don't have the discipline for something like meditation!"

Well, I'm not so sure! With a little help, most people can manage a few minutes to sit quietly and just watch what's going on. It's as easy as that! Or one can practice some helpful techniques when lying in bed, sitting in the garden or going for a walk.

In my eBook "Threatened by Cancer? Meditation DOES Help!" I have combined my experience with the stories of six people (yes, six ordinary people) who took part in my research study into the use of meditation as a healing strategy for cancer.

Lorna, Bernadette, David, Sylvia, Dee, Lillian and I spent many weeks together sharing their journeys and their experience of using meditation as a major part of their healing strategy.

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